sevenlion-s replied to your post “I was wondering who the hell did an amazing acapella of “You & I” spreading on Tumblr but I found out that they officially released the stems lol”

They released stems, no wonder! If you have a link could you link me pls? 🙏

Yup, they posted the stems. :) It’s on their official SoundCloud page!

I posted it on my blog as well! :)

You & I - Zayn (Ad-lib)
One Direction  -  You & I (Vocal Stems)
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One Direction | You & I - Zayn (Ad-lib)
From the vocal stems posted on the official One Direction SoundCloud.

Radioactive [Hidden Vocals + Stems]
Edited by robottycs.  -  Radioactive [Hidden Vocals + Stems]
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Radioactive [Hidden Vocals + Stems]
Audio and cover art edited by robottycs.

Is there any way you can make a mashup of these songs? I think it’d sound cool :D please! x

ac0usticl0ve said:
Can you maybe do hidden vocals of radioactive by imagine dragons pleaaasssee? :) xx

I’ll post it soon. :)

sarahelma said:
Can you pls do the hidden vocals for The way by Ariana Grande? That would be amazing!! Thank you <3 love your blog

Thank you :)

I haven’t posted it yet but I already did.

moveslikemurs said:
does he know? + jessie's girl = mashup perfection! :)

You know it! Haha!

auslovestyles said:
Can u post hidden vocals for Better Than Words and Alive! Thanks :)

I couldn’t make one for Better Than Words, but I’ll be posting Alive soon. :)

Don't Forget Where You Belong (Stadium Edit) [Stripped Down]
Edited by robottycs.  -  Don't Forget Where You Belong (Stadium Edit) [Stripped Down]
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Don’t Forget Where You Belong (Stadium Edit) [Stripped Down]
Audio and cover art edited by robottycs.

You unfollowed me

im watchin u

The Outfield’s “All the Love” played, then I figured out that One Direction’s “Little Black Dress” sounds like it.

What do you reckon?

Finally back on. Get ready!